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May 16th, 2011, 14:35
Yes, that may be so, but in the preview build it's been pretty clear that you can figure out what's coming your way (or what you're coming towards). In Flotsam, when you're about to enter Lobinden (a village that is basically in the forest, a stone's throw away from beasts) you can actually see a poster that warns you about monsters (with a cute propaganda-like drawing btw). When you face your first Drowner (or, if you count Witcher 1, your 10000000000th Drowner) you can actually see it ahead of you and can still meditate for a bit since it won't notice you at once. Elsewhere, you can see distinctive Endrega cocoons or Nekker burroughs from afar; if you're fairly knowledgeable about beasts (and you should be from using books and other sources of lore, easily available if you take time to learn) you'll know what to look out for. It's NOT like DA2, you're NOT pitted against endless waves of monsters spawned offscreen.

And if in doubt, there's plenty of universal potions that actually help in any situation. Only three potion effects can be active at once (four with one Alchemy skill), all last 10-20 minutes (the longest with Alchemy skill) so meditating just to shake off toxicity (as in W1) is not an option. What do you do? You quash Golden Oriole (30% to resistances, no side-effects) + Virga (+20% armor, +75% to resistances, -25% to dealing crits) + Swallow (in-combat/out-of-combat Vitality regen boost). This makes you very hard to damage and allows you to heal fast. If it's some giant monster that is super tough to kill, you can still run away from such fight; with those potions, such retreat will not end in death. And if it's some tough humans, then you can (even in combat) apply Brown Oil or Falka's Blood to your steel blade and just tough it out by rolling and landing an occasional blow (if Brown Oil is used, they'll eventually just drop due to bleeding out).
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