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May 16th, 2011, 20:59
He's got a long way to go for lvl 5: 60/90. Took 8k (and 32 coin lord favor) from Korthos, though, and didn't even run Misery Peak. I'll be working on him thru the week as time allows, but I doubt I'll make lvl5 by Friday. It's kinda slow going because I'm double-running or triple-running all the quests. Not great XP, but I do get some XP for my trouble, unlike the more traditional favor runs.

Somewhat unfortunate, because I really wanted to work on getting Wouldii to lvl17 so he can run with the 20s, but no biggie. Had a disasterous beginning to the Harbinger series over the weekend. Lost my pocket cleric shortly before the final battle and got the living crap stomped out of me. Repeatedly. Went thru 3 cakes and ~130 wand charges worth of cure moderate, but finally made it thru. A little scared to run pt2.
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