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May 17th, 2011, 08:45
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Ah.. yes, the "emotionally invested" thing. It's almost starting to become amusing how you use the same line over and over again.
It's only because it's so common

As far as wanting to hear about the game, bullshit. You can't wait less than 24 hours for the legit version?
What are you talking about?

The reason this is interesting to me, is that we're talking about a major PC exclusive, and a CRPG no less. I'm very interested to see if such a game, that we all want to do well, can become a big hit despite a pre-launch release on the scene.

Because if it can, it means people are going to have to start thinking about what's REALLY "destroying PC gaming". You see, my theory is that it's pure greed - and nothing else.

About piracy, well. It's like guns. Guns kill people, and they kill a lot of people. Does that mean they're evil? I don't know. Personally, I think piracy is what you do with it, and why you do it. I know it's human nature to be greedy - and the trick is to realise that we're all human in that way. The people financing games want to make money, so they're telling everyone - including themselves - that piracy makes PC a non-viable platform. Some people believe that, and that's fine.

Other people are greedy because they pirate and don't want to support anyone for their effort - which is another kind of greed.

One thing I've learned, is that every single human being on Earth does something akin to this - and has his or her reason for doing it. That includes you, and that's why taking your tantrum here seriously, is hard to do.

To throw a child-like tantrum because someone mentions a scene release is pretty silly, and it goes to show just how far the suits have come with that bullshit excuse to move away from quality PC games.

We're on an established RPG site - and I'm pretty sure people here will support The Witcher 2 - regardless of this kind of information. Those who won't, wouldn't have done it anyway.

As for The Witcher 2 - I hope it's as good as it seems, and I hope it will be a smash if it's deserved.

If such a game can become a major hit, it would be fantastic not just for CDPR - but for the industry and CRPG fans as well.




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