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May 17th, 2011, 11:14
Originally Posted by Majnun View Post
I could be wrong but I think the difference between those two being pirates and the majority of pirates is that both have or will buy the game. And that's great. Enjoy living in candyland.

Whatever noble bullshit you believe, most people that torrent a game do not buy it. The fact that YOU do is wonderful, fine. But defending piracy because YOU buy the game after deciding it's worth playing is stupid. Most people who download the game illegally will never give a dime to the developers. Sure, when there is no demo and you have no other way to try the game I understand it (for honest people). But if you really believe 1/100th of the people who download a game illegally to "try" it and then LIKE the game actually BUY the game…you are delusional.

Yes, in candyland it would be wonderful if everyone could torrent a game and then be guaranteed to buy it if they actually like it. But this ain't candyland.
I'm not defending piracy.

So, try again




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