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May 17th, 2011, 11:33
Originally Posted by GothicGothicness View Post
Am I really? and how do you know that? Because everyone is greedy?

What about monks who live with minimum food and spend their life without owning anything material and helping others, are they greedy too ?

Or the people who go to work as volunteers in Vietnam to help poor people without getting any pay? when they could be earning a lot of money working in their home country? I have a friend who is doing just that, I really admire her.
I'm not saying actions can't be admirable. I'm saying it's human nature to be greedy.

At least, that's my claim. If you want me to prove that every single individual in the world is greedy - I can't. So, if you don't agree - there's little I can do.

It's my experience that being human is always a balance, and sometimes people try to make a difference in certain ways to compensate for something else.

So, while I think it's quite alright and understandable to point at piracy as a detriment to the industry - even if I don't agree about the extent - I think it's silly to be overly emotional about it. Why? Because such anger is misguided - and might as well be pointed inwards.

Piracy is not inherently destructive or "evil" - but it's unfortunately true that the vast majority who practice it - don't do it with much thought, and they're actively hurting the industry. However, the extent to which they're "destroying" the PC market is vastly exaggerated - or so I believe.

But that's not really my point.

So boil it down:

Piracy isn't the problem - human nature is.

Capitalism isn't the problem - human nature is.

Communism isn't the problem - human nature is.

Get it?




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