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May 17th, 2011, 11:37
Originally Posted by DArtagnan
What about monks who live with minimum food and spend their life without owning anything material and helping others, are they greedy too ?


Or the people who go to work as volunteers in Vietnam to help poor people without getting any pay? when they could be earning a lot of money working in their home country? I have a friend who is doing just that, I really admire her.

I'm not saying actions can't be admirable. I'm saying it's human nature to be greedy.
Well, I am really curious to know why you think these monks and my friend who choose to go work as a volunteer is greedy….. since you reply yes to the question without any hesitation, do you perhaps have a motivation for saying yes? in what aspect are they greedy? because they still eat and don't starve to death giving food to others? Well, I could actually find someone doing that too if you really wanted. In order to break the statement "All human are greedy" I just need to prove that there is one single person who is not and it falls.

Now if you say the majority is greedy, all I can do is agree with you. That would be another discussion.
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