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May 18th, 2011, 10:45
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
And the buck is there because consoles as a dedicated platform, have come to dominate the market as the primary solution for people wanting to video games.
I don't agree, nor do games publishers or hardware manufacturers or market researchers.

People are buying discrete, gaming, graphics cards for their PCs. In spades. There aren't many reasons to buy a gaming graphics card for a PC when it doesn't need one to do all the other things a PC can do. The conclusion must be that people buy gaming graphics cards (cf workstation cards) to play graphically intensive games on their PCs.

The numbers involved are huge - a quick look at Jon Peddie Research shows it dwarves the number of people who own consoles, despite the fact many of these cards cost as much as a console.

Again, the conclusion is that there is a very large market out there for people who want to play games on their PC, that in fact is several times larger than a console market - the hardware alliance estimated a while back that the gaming install base was over 200m PCs.

Server logs (for multiplayer games) also show that very large numbers of people are playing, or attempting to play PC games.

Yet despite this, the numbers sold at retail and digital are lower than consoles, by a factor of 4-5 as quoted by the bethsoft guy.

Whatever you label the reason for it, more people are buying console games, despite more people playing PC games. That drives businesses to create more console games.
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