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May 18th, 2011, 17:11
Ok, here is one for you Pladio,

Five year old has been trying for weeks to understand the concept of death.
His mother repeats the same answers every day, 20 times a day, as the child constantly asks her over and over and over.

Then suddenly the finality of it sinks in one day and the poor child starts what only can be called " the wailing and gnashing of teeth". Now he is still asking "will I die" 20 times a day, but when his mother responds with any answer that resembles yes he cries, moans, and generally goes into a fit of despair that would bring tears to the eye of the strongest among us. Even telling him that he will be an old man before that time comes does not work…….he simply looks at her and screams "But I will still be dead!"

To stop the pain, now felt by everyone in the house, his mother try to explain that he will go to heaven. She keeps focus on the wonder of "God loves you" part, but he
wants details.
What do you do there? ………….What ever you want I guess.
What does it look like? …………..No one knows, but it will be great and you will love it.
Can you eat candy? ………………I guess so, if that is what makes you happy.
Can you go swimming? ………….I guess so, God can make it anything.
Can I play with my toys?………….Sure, I guess so.
Can I play baseball? ……………….Yea, whatever you want.
Can it be daytime all the time?……..Yes, yes, I told you it is all the stuff you like.

Now the crying has stopped but the 20 questions are going strong for the next 2 weeks. Every day the same thing, just the details change.

Suddenly without prior discussion the boy comes in and announces "I know what heaven is now!"

"It's K-Mart! Cause you can get everything you want at K-Mart."

So there you go folks……..we will all die and go to the big K-Mart in the sky!

(For anyone who does not know, K-Mart is a huge store that carries everything from clothes to food.)
Bart and Corwin should just admit that when it gets down to it, I will have the final say.
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