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May 18th, 2011, 21:07
That is jumping to conclusions.

The article's thesis supports a goal. It ends with calls for measures and has a proactive stance. It means that if the article's thesis is proven true, actions should follow from establishing the roots of the situation. Hence incentives.

Showing that developpers moved to consoles because consoles is where the gaming is done brings nothing like that. It neither advocates for piracy or against piracy. It neither advocates for reshaping the consoles or the PC market. It would be a blank acknowledgement of what led to the current situation. No incentives. Nothing at stake as the developpers have already made their mind on that ground.

It draws the situation of producing work with no incentive, no reward at the end against somebody who plays an agenda (regardless of the validity of each thesis)
Asymetrical situation.

Such, claiming that the fact that consoles have prevailed in the mature gaming environment is based on nothing is jumping to conclusions. Because showing how has no longer value. It would have before the establishment of this situation, it no longer had.
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