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May 18th, 2011, 22:32
I played a bit of it, French version, no voices too, I do agree the game is a call for voice acting.

In fact there's something that doesn't match well, the text is put on top like with game with voice acting. But this choice doesn't match well the pure text approach that should have put the focus more on text.

I played only a little bit (of the full game), you can't setup the shortcuts but you have three controls types, all controls with a mouse, or with a keyboard or with a gamepad. Well the controls are simple so it's not a real problem.

The fights are turn based with a system classical for JRPB, like some Final Fantasy.

From the very beginning, introduction, light tutorial, first companion met, first fights, my feeling is tedious and I'm sorry to write that.

This beginning is really too light, no dialogs nor story nor first fights really grab the interest. From this very beginning it seems to be a game for young kids and not even well written. But from less professional writers, perhaps the beginning is failed but it becomes better later. But well for now I don't feel motivated by this beginning to continue play it. Ouch well, all of that is rude, but that's my sincere feeling.
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