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May 18th, 2011, 22:17
First point, saying that this is low profit on PC that is moving game developers to consoles is the obvious. But that doesn't prove the piracy isn't a part of low profit on PC.

Myself I don't like all those arguing explaining me that pirating hurt nothing. The point is no matter how you look at it, I always pay games for pirates and they never pay games for me. The reason is simple, I buy any game I play.

Why I pay games for pirates? Because the work behind games need that someone pay it, so for a game I pay, I paid it also for the guy who pirated the same game.

And about the arguments that a game pirated doesn't mean a game less sold, that is clear. But you pretend you want simulate there's no more piracy and see the effect. So yes do the experience, on you:
  • First uninstall all pirated games, all pirated music and movies, cartoons, comics, and even books!
  • Second stop pirate anything, music, movies, games, cartoons, comics and books.
  • Now let see what you'll do with your free time, during 1 year, still plenty free games, musics and other legally available, but not all music, games and so onů

Do you know what you'll do? Nope you don't, perhaps you'll then stop pay that high bills for you cell, or won't buy one more drive, orů to buy a few more games or anything than you are used to pirate currently.

Anybody pretending that his piracy change nothing and he would be the same if he stops pirate, is just pure ignorance, they don't know what they'll do because pirating is a large part of their life.
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