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May 20th, 2011, 00:31
Jm has got her bard and rogue into level 7. Azraelck has got his sorcerer into level 7 too. Dte has a level 6 cleric and level 5 rogue. Cm has a level 6 monk and level 6 fighter. I have both my TR'ed toons (favored soul and paladin) into level 7 as well. That means we can soon play with Corwin's bard and rogue and soon his sorcerer. So far no Corwin to see inside DDO.

In the mean time we can use our high level toons to get Rachail (paladin) and Reywindd (wizard) to level 20 (level 19 now). We can also help Wouldii (ranger) to get to level 20 (level 16 now).

So I think we have a lot of action going on at the moment, both at high and low level. Guild level has risen to 39 and we're soon approaching 40. Then we can buy several new nice things to the guild ship.
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