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May 20th, 2011, 02:29
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
I still recommend people try out G1 and G2 without NotR when first playing the series, then add NotR later on. NotR is meant for the hardcore fans and, while it's brilliant, it's not even remotely close to the others in terms of difficulty.

Ah well, if you have the patience to play NotR, it certainly is rewarding.
Play G2 only first is a waste of G2+NOTR. Myself the first I played is G2+NOTR but at some point I search some help in forums before picking a faction path. Read few advices about fights, and training skills and few key tricks, won't really spoil the game and can help not give up.

I would suggest play first G1 in part to learn the fight system. Then switch to G2+NOTR and stick to G1 type of controls. They match much better the sword fighting style of the game, observation of enemy, anticipation, and timing. Fight with the air help a lot learning the system which is more uncommon than more difficult. Also take care G1 system allows use 5 keys when you need use 8 with the new system.

Another point to take care with G2+NOTR is to not believe you'll get as much character skill points than in G1. So unlike in G1 you can't waste many points in expending all secondary skills and weapon skills. At first you could try a bit two weapons and develop a bit three or four secondary skills but then you'll need focus on one weapon plus about 3 secondary skills, knowing that potions skills is almost required to make your life easier and you need find another skill to earn more money.

And the third point is save often, because it's normal that you'll die often. This is normal, because of two points. Not knowing well enemies you'll need learn fight each type and even each type of group mix, the process involves some death. The second point is the game use too strong monsters to block player path and control better the flow of the game. So not knowing well each monster and when they are too strong or not, it's normal that you'll die more than once because of that.

EDIT: As soon as you can, switch to the NOTR quest and area, a good way to level up and get more stuff and more money before to come back and continue to G2 main flow.
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