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May 20th, 2011, 12:36
I am nearly at 10 hours and i'm still on chapter 1. Reasons:

- The graphics are gorgeous at 1920x1080 ultra settings (no uber-spampling). Sometimes i find myself just looking around losing time apreciating the scenery, looking at what people are doing, exploring most corners.

- The journal is full of lore and writen from a storyteller POV, i find myself going a lot of times there and just read it.

- The crafting system, if you like it, its a time-sink for decisions

- I don't play on easy combat. I alternate between hard and normal.

- I do all sidequests and i normaly only go towards the "main quest" after i'm nearly done with everything else.

There is no way i'll get less than 70-80 hours out of this game if i continue like this, and i'm glad for it its awesome.
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