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May 21st, 2011, 15:17
You can read a preview for the game here.

This is more of a skills based light roguelike than a race one. Though technically one of the skills is vampirism so I guess that's a vampire race.

You have 34 skills too choose from, 16 different damage types, 6 crafting types (porta-still for making booze, My little anvil for making weapons/armor, tinkerers box for making traps and other odds and ends, elven ingot grinder, ingot maker and a normal alchemy box for making potions.), 6 standard stats with 18 secondary stats and the humor that is reminiscent of Quest for Glory in its wackiness.

Above all the one thing that made me love this game was the fact that it kicked my butt from here to Tuesday when I first started playing. No game kicks my butt anymore (with the possible exception of other roguelikes and The Witcher 2 in the beginning. It's been a very good month for challenging me.) I've gotten so good at most RPGs that I can figure them out in less than a minute and win if the game doesn't bore me to tears which it normally does.

This one hasn't bored me which is all I ask for in a game. Challenge my intellect for a change instead of my twitch reflexes.

With that said this game is not nor will it ever be as complex as ADOM, Stone Soup or the other heavy weight RLs out there, but it does offer an easy to use interface, excellent music, a game that doesn't take itself so damn seriously, silly graphics, new and intersting skills. I love Golemancy and Fleshcraft. Golemancy I'm able to create this sanguine blobby made from my own blood and fleshcraft is just awesome in its ickiness

Plus from what I've been told the game will be less than 10 dollars.
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