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May 21st, 2011, 18:23
A post on The Witcher 2 site announces patch 1.1 is nearly ready and goes on to offer solutions to a number of issues. Activation code problems, CRC errors during installation, game failing to start, poor performance on high-end GPUs and ATI performance are all covered:
Patch 1.1 is nearing completion and will be available shortly. It will address a number of issues reported by players such as keymapping, inverting the mouse, sudden crashes, problems with activation, difficulties with the game`s DLC, and more.
Also, have a look at some of the most common issues and possible solutions.
Joystiq notes the game requires an NTFS partition:
CD Projekt confirmed the situation to us this morning. Community manager Andrzej Kwiatkowski said, "Yes, we can confirm that The Witcher 2 on Windows systems only works on NTFS-formatted drives." Kwiatkowski further explained that the design is due to the limitations of the older FAT32 system. "FAT32 can't handle any file bigger than 4GB, and one of TW2's files has the size of 9GB."
IGN has a gameplay commentary video.
Eurogamer has a review written by Quintin Smith, with a score of 9/10:
Flotasm sounds like hell, right? Wrong. Flotsam's beautiful. Everything from the architecture, to the conversations you overhear, to the tasks given to you by the nervous inhabitants - it's all breathtakingly believable. Flotsam being a disgusting and dangerous place, both materially and morally, isn't the point. The point is that - as you watch a butcher hack a cow apart under a pale sun and listen in on a conversation about who shagged who last night - the setting is real enough that you'll actually be disgusted, and feel in danger.
This is the most obvious of The Witcher 2's many achievements. It provides a world that's so well thought out and so lovingly crafted that the player is transported. Flotsam is a shitty place, yes, but The Witcher's is a shitty world. What CD Projekt has achieved here, more so than any RPG I can think of from the last five years, is bringing its (shitty) world to life.
…and Games On Net also has a review with a score of 4.5/5:
The Witcher featured a wonderfully muddied morality, but The Witcher 2 adds further shades of grey to the world. You don't need to have played the first game to enjoy the sequel, but you'll be confused for the first few hours if you haven't. Everything in the game world is about compromise and survival. There are few choices in the main story that have a clear cut polarity, and even the side missions often feature consequences that belie the seemingly straightforward “good” choice; save one person and another will die.Stand up for the little man and later he'll get a knife in the ribs. Even the locally censored quest, that rewards Geralt with sex, is a little less titillating than you might think. You save a woman from being murdered. She's young, naïve and all but destitute. Sex is the only thing she can give as thanks. It feels tawdry, like you're taking advantage.
More information.
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