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May 21st, 2011, 18:26
I was searching through youtube one day to see if there were any betas of Might and Magic 6 recorded. As luck would have it, I found one here:


There are a number of things that are different in the beta trailer:

1: Character portraits. I see that only 1 per character may have been put in because there are no facial expressions or winces when the fireball goes off in their faces.

2: Run might not have been implemented yet. Same with the colored monster gems and HP/SP bars.

3: The ranged fire attack graphics are different.

4: At one point, the fireball from a distance that comes towards you hits the peasant instead of you, something I've never seen before.

5: Water textures are different.

6: Inventories, items, and even the inventory GUI looks different.

7: What looks like the Abandoned Temple of Baa doesn't have a staircase leading down yet.

8: There are four statues that are never seen in the game.

If anyone finds any other betas like this, let me know.
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