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May 21st, 2011, 20:43
I still love the game but it does have some bugs (and design flaws that are damned close to bugs).

Inventory needs a Junk/Trinket tab. They do not show up on any other tab except the All tab…which means you have to sift through ALL of the crap you carry to sell that stuff. By the time I got to the area just after Flotsam I had 28 pounds of crap accumulated.

Alchemy: When making a potion you should be able to select a number to make instead of having to do them 1 at a time. And/or it should remember the ingredients you chose for that potion and make THAT as the starting ingredients for the next one. So annoying.

In the Claws of Madness quest is bugged.

Troll Trouble quest (and therefore the Melitele Amulet quest) is bugged.

Semi-spoiler, but not really. If you don't go into the Inn in Flotsam right after rescuing Zoltan & Dandilion it makes things wonky. I went and did aot of the non-combat flotsam quests before bothering to go into the Inn. When I finally did neither of them would talk to me and the Kayran attack took alot of messing around and doing other things to get it to trigger. So when they finally did talk the dialogue was out of order and out of place in relation to what I had already done around town. I kinda broke it. No quests were broken, but it was still pretty weird.

Only one random CTD on entering Loredo's estate at a certain time (after being able to go there with weapons & not talking to the guard). Not repeatable. Never had any other crashes.

I wish their main forums were up so I could post this there instead.

Oh and if you have an nvidia card definitely uninstall the two 3D Vision drivers. For some reason I got a big performance boost by doing that.
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