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May 22nd, 2011, 07:29
I still can't get my dlc to download and install it just keeps looping.

The unresponsive combat really needs to be priority in my mind anytime I make more than 1 action (exp. roll then attack or attack then roll away or sign then attack, you get the idea) the second action aimost always needs to be pressed at least twice in order to work. When you are fighting 6 guys at once this is a bad thing.

Mapping keys in game would be nice.

I know this will never happen but how about different keys for different actions instead of 1 button doing several things. Several times while sneaking I have put a torch out and alerted the guard I was trying to stun.

While were at it get rid of auto lock. keep a manual lock on.

and since i'm ranting now lets redo the inventory screen only showing - items at a time is annoying. I think all games should look at dao's inventory. Lots of items on the screen at once, easily sortable and mouse over gives you all the info you need and compares it to what you have. Neat and simple.

One last small thing why do we need to go into meditation to drink a potion. It's turned drinking a potion into a 30 sec. animation. Combats already too fast to stop and drink a potion in anyway so why?
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