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May 22nd, 2011, 14:15
Originally Posted by Majnun View Post
In the Claws of Madness quest is bugged.
I think as a few others that this is not a bug. I didn't stumble upon that issue as I solved that quest differently. No mercy.

[QUOTE=Majnun;1061070941]Troll Trouble quest (and therefore the Melitele Amulet quest) is bugged.

That probably also isn't a bug. If you played the dice before this quest (as I did) you took another reward - there is no logic you get the second reward now. But it's a nice thing to know when you restart the game what's the right order of things.

However there is another bug definetly. I won't use *spoiler* brackets as it's not a spoiler actually, but a hint. In a certain Chapter 2 quest you're supposed to be at the beach at 23:00. However I didn't follow steps literally (I skipped talking to a slut and still got moved forward with the quest) you need to be there at 22:00! If you come at 23:00 or later, nothing happens.
You'll again have to return to the beach later but the second time 23:00 works as it should. Just keep this in mind, when you stumble upon this quest, you'll know what am I talking about.

In any case I didn't spot any critical bug yet not FPS problems or something others are talking about, so I don't know what is the patch about.
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