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May 22nd, 2011, 20:12
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Personally, I think the combat system is one of the best action RPG systems ever. If not THE best.

I recently restarted the game after reaching chapter 2 - because I wanted to do a few things differently, and I wanted the "Strong Back" perk.

Very few games can get me to restart after 15+ hours in - and it's a great sign.

In any case, after restarting - I chose hard difficulty. I didn't die a SINGLE time during the prologue - where I died constantly on medium the first time.

THAT is how a great combat system works. You learn from your mistakes, and you master it eventually. I'm very comfortable with it now.

It's a fantastic system, really.

I agree that the combat "system" is good. It's when you hit a button and nothing happens so you have to hit it again. With combat this quick it needs to react just as quick when you hit the button. I think this has to be a bug that couldn't be part of the combat system.

Also, taking out the auto-targeting would not change the combat system and would alleviate much frustration for me at least.

It's a fantastic system, really.[/QUOTE]
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