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May 22nd, 2011, 22:36
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
Many games don't have auto targeting you just hit the enemy that's in front of you. The problem with the auto targeting is if 2 enemies are in front of you. One in front of the other you will start hitting the closest one then without wanting to it will often switch to the one in back giving the one in front a few whacks at you before you can switch back.

That's the problem I have with the auto targeting anyway.
I know what your problem is, and I'm just saying the combat system would change significantly without autotargeting.

The difference between The Witcher 2 and most similar games like Gothic, Risen, and Two Worlds - is that Geralt is extremely fast and agile.

The other games have autotargeting as well - but they don't "light up" with a cross to indicate melee attack targets in the same way. So, you'd just hit the enemy getting in the way instead - and you'd be frustrated with that. At least, I don't think it would be preferable - especially not when you can lock target when you're going for a specific foe.

TW2 is one of the few games that let all enemies attack simultaneously - and to make it workable to combat so many at a time - they had to employ some kind of autotargeting.

At least, I don't see it working any other way.

Once you get used to how it selects targets - you learn to maneuver and be comfortable with it.

At least, that's what I've learned.

Obviously, it's not for everyone - but for what it does, I think it's a fantastic system.

I can easily deal with accidentally targeting the wrong enemies, when I can get such a fluid and skill-dependent system in return. Also, it looks great




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