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May 23rd, 2011, 01:18
Originally Posted by Nathanyl View Post
Wow. I have no idea where your getting the Gothic 3 syndrome thing from. There's no comparison. It's a complex and complete game with very few bugs, and a good story line with a large amount of side quests.

By the way if you haven't played G3 lately you may want to give it a try. It's pretty good with the community patches.
How do you not get the comparison? Gothic 3 was also a complex and complete game (for its time). The expectation for both games was off the charts. Gothic 3 was supposed to be RPG of the year, as is TW2. The developers of both games made grandiose promises. Both developers created their own graphics engine.

And I'm sorry, but TW2 is very buggy. Maybe not the typical bugs that show up, but buggy nonetheless. Heck, it was two trips to the retailer, and three days scouring forums for a workaround just to get the game to install. That's not buggy? The fact that loads of people with high end systems are having significant performance problems isn't buggy? Gamers were told they would be able to play in glorious 3D, and now they are telling them to completely uninstall their 3D drivers, thus rendering their system incapable of playing other 3D games, and you're saying that's not buggy?

Like I said, if CDProjekt can't patch their game to get rid of the performance issues, then the comparison with Gothic 3 is spot on. If they can patch it, then everything's great and I'll gladly get on the GOTY bandwagon again.

It seems like a fantastic game. I am blown away by the cinematic presentation. It truly feels epic, just as the developers claimed. But when people spend hundreds of dollars on systems designed to run games like this, and then it takes them days just to get the game running, and then they still can't get past the prologue because the performance is so bad, I'd say the frustrations vented on these forums is appropriate.
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