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May 23rd, 2011, 12:33
Originally Posted by Blinn View Post
make a separate thread, but don't come on here and whine about your posts not being answered, because frankly, people have better things to do than listen to someone complain about people "ignoring" you.
So Mr Corwin now posts are forbidden to not stick to the subject or it's just for me, LOL.

And moreover Trolling forbidden now? LOL. If that's the new rules of the forums you can do want you want I never lost time in such forums.

I perfectly know it's not a matter of justice or anything and just a matter of feeling, and you need keep some order but there's limit. So go on do what you think you must, delete all posts and ban me. I just can't accept such obvious lack of fairness.

EDIT: Moreover it's mad to think make a forum thread a reference, wake up it's just forum not wiki!

EDIT2: And if you want someone don't answer through a post to you order actions, I have a little advice:

Start yourself by not make it through a post. Now go one delete posts that embarrass you.
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