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May 24th, 2011, 09:03
I had to finish TW1 to start TW2 so the latter is fresh to my mind.

TW2 gameworld's main achievement is that it goes away from revolving around the player's character. The character is a bit of the gameworld, an important bit but still a bit while in many other games, the character is the central part. NPCs live their life and do not give that feeling that they were expected no one but the PC. Truly good.

On the matter of poverty, TW2's NPCs look more well off than in TW1, no more beggars, no more people wishing for food. One of my first reactions. They also removed the elders as such, that is people about to die and all it provided in terms of atmosphere.

They also removes the way interactions with NPCs enrich the lore, the ways to relate NPCs to grow more familiar to them.
One step forward, two backward.

Just wondering if the reviewer had played TW1 to state that poverty is a dominant element now. Seeing into fishers going fishing bare legged is incongruous. They sport adequate clothing.

Maybe the developpers found out that a colour rich environment, lavish graphics, do not go well with the level of poverty displayed in TW1.
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