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May 24th, 2011, 14:24
graphics vs art

Technically, TW2 is a DX9 marvel. It incorporates many effects others only seem to match using DX10 or 11 techniques. The downside to that is very very high CPU calculations to power these.

They're not just techniques for the sake of it either - TW2s SSAO implementation is the best I have seen - it actually adds greatly to the atmosphere and style.

Artistically it is also fantastic - best forests I've seen ever I think.

But overall I rate TW1 better artistically, and some other games are more stylish.

EDIT: I see the shadow 'gitch' in high preset.. it's actually just a dithering instead of true transparency - looks to be possibly intended as a consequence of shadowing speedtree foliage (and I saw the same effect in Crysis), as it's much better than hard shadows, but proper transparency would be nicer
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