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May 24th, 2011, 18:03
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
I saw sakichop's thread, he posted the following, and because he only wanted positive response, I made my own thread:

I was just thinking about this last night, but in opposite directions. I was thinking that, having seen quite a lot of beautiful console games, the graphics in The Witcher 2 wouldn't even need to get dialed back that much to be able to run on them. A little more pop-in, some lower-quality textures, and you're almost there. My point is, some console games, like Final Fantasy XIII that I had been playing before, are really up there in the graphics department.

Which got me thinking: am I just being too hard on the game here, am I just not seeing it, or is this really the current high-end state of PC graphics? Then I got a little disappointed, because frankly, while the graphics look good, they don't blow me away.

I don't know what I'm expecting. Maybe a little more than just more detail in the scenery and level-of-detail? Revolutionary new effect never seen before? (TW2's lighting effects are pretty nice, of course.) But I can't help but feel that I've seen better graphics in some console games, mostly because of the competent art direction and cinematic design of the developers.
Yes, there is no faster way to kill a thread than to ask people to be positve. Even got ridiculed for it. Oh well lesson learned.

First off it's just my opinion but i'm assuming by your title your mocking it.

When I judge graphics I don't care about the technology used. Dx 11 or 9, ssao, bloom, hdr or whatever. I simple crank the settings to max and start playing.

I'm playing at max settings with uber sampling and large textures. Only 2 games i've ever played have really made me say wow tw2 and crysis. The feeling I got when walking out of the tent with the sun beating down and over looking the camp is the same one I got when coming out of the water dripping wet and approaching the beach in crysis which was wow. No the game doesn't push my system and it's not bleeding edge tech but in game graphics will always run a couple yrs. behind whats capable so people can play it. A lesson devs learned with the release of crysis no doubt.

I dislike cartoony or anime graphics so I appreciate the realistic graphics of tw2. The attention to detail and lighting affects are top notch. To me it just looks and feels right. I haven't played every game ever made but of the ones I have tw2 best them all.

You mention in another post that you want a game to push your system but then are very supportive of consoles. The very reason you won't see any games that push your system.If you stay current and overclock your system you will never see any game stress your system. I'm running a 4ghz cpu they don't even make them retail, others are running 4.5 or even 5ghz, then throw in dual, tri or even quad sli. Devs just can't make games to stress these types of systems or even half as powerful systems and still expect them to port to console, Which is the main goal these days unfortunately.

So after all that the witcher 2 is not the best graphics that can be produced but is the best graphics i've seen.
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