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May 24th, 2011, 21:06
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
Yes, there is no faster way to kill a thread than to ask people to be positve. Even got ridiculed for it. Oh well lesson learned.

First off it's just my opinion but i'm assuming by your title your mocking it.
Oh, not at all. I just didn't want to ruin your intention for the thread. I don't always pay attention to that sort of thing, but since you asked nicely. But if you'll read my post, there is no mocking tone in it. It's simply that I like the graphics, but do not get this "best grafix EVAR!!!" feeling from it. (I spell it like this, because of the zealot, mindless, not thinking straight nature of someone who is totally bowled over by teh awesomes!)

When I judge graphics I don't care about the technology used. Dx 11 or 9, ssao, bloom, hdr or whatever. I simple crank the settings to max and start playing.
Well, that may be it. I like all those technical thingies, or better said, I used to, but I haven't been bother much buy it in recent years. Last nice tech to come out is maybe texellation, which is DX11 and has yet to take off. But I used to love my specular lighting, per-pixel shading, shadow stencilling, and all those neat little tricks Carmack used to do in his old magick. I remember upgrading our 486 with some co-processor awesomeness (I think) and reliving Doom ][ all over again.

I kinda of miss all that. There have been a couple more of those moments over the years, a few of which I mentioned. I guess your "blown-awayness" struck a nerve of nostalgia, or something.

Maybe my expectations are too high. But I want that feeling of looking around and seeing this amazing reflection on that really cool railing, or staring into the distance feeling like it goes on forever back. Oh forget it…

You mention in another post that you want a game to push your system but then are very supportive of consoles.
I can like both, can I? I bought an Xbox 360 when my PC was aging badly and I kind of impressed with what the system could do. I still am, actually, especially when developers that are really good at what they do come out with some of their best work.

You may be right that consoles are keeping us back, but many engines for PC have been able to scale well, out of necessity. The revolution is still far off, then. It won't be coming out of the real-time raytracing corner any time soon, I'm sure.

Originally Posted by xSamhainx View Post
Am i the only one who hates "bloom"?

Seriously, that's the first thing I turn off in a game.
You're definitely not alone, but I quite like it. And it doesn't look very unrealistic if you ask me, although HDR is infinitely better.
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