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May 24th, 2011, 22:51
I agree with this, TW2 is definatly more Consoely, and its pretty sad a supposedly designed for PC Game works so much better with a controller. TW1 definatly had better kb/mouse controls, because the Aurora engine was indeed a engine that was 100% for PCs as opposed to the Red Engine. Still the combat is as bad as gothic games, and the whole thing is poorly balanced for anyone who isnt masochistic. I just dont see what some of our old school fellows are saying about this 'great balanced' system. I really hope more games take a page from TW2 on Story writing and world design but goddess forbid them from using similar combat systems.

Regardless, I'd almost wager real world money TW2 will be on consoles by next year if not sooner, it seems like it'd be so easy to port it over, of course I'd also bet the difficulty gets toned down, no one is dumb enough to release a ultra hard game on consoles. Even DKS and DA:O had "alternate balancing" on consoles.
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