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May 25th, 2011, 17:28
Originally Posted by GothicLena View Post
I agree with this, TW2 is definatly more Consoely, and its pretty sad a supposedly designed for PC Game works so much better with a controller.
What a load of bollocks. The PC had game controllers for almost as long as there are games for it. They are not exclusive to consoles and PC gaming does not equal keyboard + mouse.

TW1 definatly had better kb/mouse controls, because the Aurora engine was indeed a engine that was 100% for PCs as opposed to the Red Engine.
Really, the engine has little to do with controls besides I/O. In fact, the KOTORs also use an updated version of Aurora.

Still the combat is as bad as gothic games
Ha! The Gothic games had one of the best combat I've ever seen in my life!

I'd almost wager real world money TW2 will be on consoles by next year if not sooner
They'd be stupid not to, regardless if TW2 was designed with the PC in mind.

of course I'd also bet the difficulty gets toned down, no one is dumb enough to release a ultra hard game on consoles.
Hmpf. Try Demons Souls or Ninja Gaiden one day.
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