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May 25th, 2011, 18:17
Playing The First Templar, enjoying it immensely. Bought it as a consolation prize while I wait for The Witcher 2 to be patched up. TFT is a lot of fun for me. It can be criticized to death no doubt, but if you are just wanting an entertaining little romp then it delivers.

Simple yet entertaining characters
Easy to learn combat
Many combat moves to unlock and execute
Not a "looting" game, but many treasure chests to find each level
Good level design
Great variety of locations
Puzzles and traps to contend with
Graphics are adequate and convey mood, downright pretty at times
Limited dialogue is witty
Supports Xbox 360 controller
Split screen co-op with a friend (doesn't have to be online)
Decent length

A bit easy on "normal" difficulty
Too much hand-holding, with instruction boxes popping up well into the game
Some traps pointless because they are too identified for you (hand-holding)
Music adequate, but jarringly poor looping on some levels
Some animations non-existent (drawing weapon, pulling lever, etc..)
Graphics not state of the art
Controller sensitivity is wonky - difficult to control precisely

Overall I'd give it a 6/10. I play almost everything in 3D now, so that improves the graphics of any game tenfold. I'm playing on "Ultra" settings, but 3D or not, I certainly wouldn't call them bad by any means, especially for a small company. If the same graphics were used in an RPG with a epic story the game would still be called a classic. As it is, if you buy this game expecting a nice little adventure you will be pleased. It has a little Assassin's Creed and Indiana Jones flavor mixed in. Contrary to what some reviews say, you can switch between your characters, it's just that the game doesn't tell you this until you're in Chapter 5! In that chapter it is necessary to play both characters to get through some puzzles. I just finished chapter 5, and I've been playing approximately 5 hours. It seems there is quite a bit of game left judging by the amount of items still left to unlock.
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