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May 25th, 2011, 20:04
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
I think C&C - Tiberian Sun uses 720p cut-scenes. No idea about how compressed it is, but it sure looks pretty.
You could be right, though the game is pretty ancient for that resolution.

I assumed that they want to have the in-game and pre-rendered scenes look similar, but also want to have a few scenes that the engine *cannot* render. I mean, it's obvious in console exclusives like FFXIII that they don't really cater to the lowest specs… and the pre-rendered scenes look much more impressive, but the characters look very similar. I just bet that they could do even better these days with their rendering farms, though.
I don't know the game in question, but on PC - it's standard to record realtime rendering for presentation purposes.

Uncharted 1 & 2, as I said, also uses pre-rendered in-engine cut-scenes so that the game can load the next level without the player noticing it. Okay, so I'm talking about console games now, but those are the reasons why those pre-rendered cut-scenes look so much like the actual game.
I'm sure there are many exceptions, but I'm not sure what this is about anymore.

I'm speaking from my own experience - and in my experience, for the PC platform, they don't use in-game rendering movies because the engine isn't capable of real-time rendering at the same level - but because they need to ensure that even minimum spec PCs get the "cinematic" experience required of a cutscene.




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