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May 26th, 2011, 14:59
Originally Posted by LuckyCarbon View Post
Can you name another PC "exclusive" RPG that uses a gamepad as it's preferred control method?

What percentage of PC games outside of serious flight sims (joystick & throttle) and racing games (wheel & peddles) that prefer a controller of any sort over keyboard & mouse input? 1%? I seriously doubt 5%.
Is a gamepad really the preferred control method for The Witcher 2? Like JDR13 says, it's a matter of opinion. I tried it with keyboard today, works fine. Yes, even the UI, although improvements can be made. I even think the UI works a bit better with keyboard and mouse, since you can click anywhere.

And why would you exclude joysticks and racing wheels? That's just silly. Someone said somewhere that FPS games and strategy games (TBS/RTS) work better with mouse on PC. This is obvious. Other than that, there aren't that many recent PC exclusives left that I can think of. Some of them are bound to include gamepad support out of the box. I bet it's more than 5%, but why try to prove the point.

Oh, as for the Gothics, I was talking about the first two only. The controls felt awkward in the beginning only because your character was still learning how to fight. The feeling of progression was fantastic.

I mapped the controls to a gamepad when I played them. The game did not support it out of the box, but to me if was the preferred control method, at least.
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