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May 26th, 2011, 15:04
Originally Posted by Grandor Dragon View Post
While I would welcome the feature, I don't see the problem with alchemy. If you play on hard, it is still necessary,
Not only alchemy should be necessary for a character specialized in alchemy but it should be essential.

Alchemist witchers should make it thanks to alchemy. Not using alchemy should be like not using signs for a sign specialized witcher or not using swords for a swordman witcher.

The trouble with alchemy is simple: the game is based on the management of space.
The other two specializations have improved solutions for dealing with space, whether closed space (quen sign/whirl) or making space for oneself (aard/footwork)

Alchemy works through attrition either by buffing the character abilities or by debilitating the enemy . The situation turns circular as to get effective, space is needed and when space is available, alchemy no longer appears essential as the same result can be achieved by mere management of space.

I've been checking that quite long now. Buffs do not beat improved gear. Improved gear negates the need for oil.
I am only using alchemy sporadically. Nothing close to what an alchemy dedicated path should deliver.

In TW2, alchemy is nothing more than a support field for the two other fields. Going for that field only provides the weaker experience.
and you can select which ingredient you want to go into which slot.
Alchemists should usually have spare potions/oils as it is the way they survive in the gameworld.

Currently, the UI forces the design of potions one by one, without remembering the previous ingredients.

Swallow potions are basic for an alchemist. It has three ingredients.
Alchemists would prepare these kind of potions on the most available ingredients in their current location as they can be easily collected.

Yet, the auto selecter does not allow the selection of these ingredients.

Currently, in chapter two, anytime I want to brew a swallow potions, I am compelled to change two elements in the formula each time I brew one. It is a hassle.

Now, a convenient UI design was at hand. Selection of the ingredients (already in), validation (in), same slider as trade (in the game), indexed on the lowest ingredient number(additional work). Would have allowed to brew a quantity of potions on the same ingredients.

Not in. Maybe because of a game design problem as potions brewing can deliver mutagens as a side product. With a possible exploit here.

The UI for potions brewing is a hassle. Unsuitable for alchemist supposed needs. The good point is that for an alchemist, alchemy is neither essential nor necessary, allowing not to brew potions or oils.
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