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May 26th, 2011, 16:52
Are you kidding me? Alchemy is one of the most potent combat aids out there. Only it becomes about bombs and traps, not about potions. In a Dyna Blaster-like way. You avoid all melee combat and thus don't really need potions except perhaps a swallow. Quen becomes less essential, but using traps at the beginning of each fight is a must. Also, combining traps and interactive bombs like Dragon's Dream or Red Mist is pretty OP at times, IMO. And some bombs (e.g. Grapeshot) are ridiculously cheap to make, I have like 100 now —> instawin most fights, just throw-throw-throw, all mobs dead. Kinda wished daggers were a bit cheaper to produce, it's a few gold pieces plus iron ore is used up quite inordinately; if I'm in a pinch, daggers usually solve most probelms as well.
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