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May 26th, 2011, 19:47
Originally Posted by stealth View Post
Anyone have a 3D Vision enabled setup? It is absolutely amazing to behold and you just get sucked into the action. Highly recommended.
Yes I do. And yes it is absolutely amazing! I can't play the game right now though because I'm having problems with frame rates in interior locations, which spill over into the cutscenes with interior locations.

For instance, wandering around the siege camp in the prologue plays just fine, but go back to Triss' tent and the frame rate immediately drops to (I'm guess-timating) 15fps. Then once I'm in the siege tower following the King the frame rate drops below 15fps. Once that's over, everything is good again until I get to the solar where the king's children are, and the frame rate literally drops to around 10fps or less, including the cutscene. At that point I gave up and am hoping the next patch fixes whatever the h*ll is wrong.
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