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May 27th, 2011, 09:31
I had most difficulty finding the correct patch to download

The launcher needs to be manually closed before applying, which is very clumsy - as a lot of people go to the patch site directly from it.

The patch itself, however, seems to have improved my framerate a bit - and the game is more consistently smooth. Not a biggie, as it was already pretty smooth - but it no longer "hitches" slightly when turning. Yes, it resets everything - which is stupid. I also had to manually reset "Ubersampling" to 1 in the config file again - but that was expected.

Apart from the framerate and a somewhat more logical menu layout - I've noticed no difference. I still don't get that link thingy under "extras" as mentioned in the patch notes - and I did beat the guy at poker. Probably have to do it again after patch, but I don't feel like searching for the appropriate savegame.

All in all, a pretty underwhelming patch for one such as myself, who had no serious issues with the game. But a framerate boost is always nice. My number one issue is the low voice volume - and that's still not fixed. Not sure it will be.

I was hoping for an inventory solution regarding weight - but I've gotten so used to the weightless mod - that I don't think I can go back to anything else. Gothic spoiled me in this way, and for games without quick travel and such - gameplay is just much smoother without the inventory juggling.

Oh, I use Mouse/KB for this game - and I consider people who prefer a gamepad in The Witcher 2 insane




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