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May 27th, 2011, 12:30
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
You play with übersampling on!?
To be honest, I'm not really sure. It was a tip I read on some forum. If you manually set Ubersampling to 1 - instead of 2 (which is the default for "on"), you're supposed to get a less advanced version of it.

I haven't been able to see any difference either way, not even with 2 - apart from a much lower framerate. Also, I've never heard of Ubersampling before - so I don't even know what to look for.

I don't really have a problem with the voice volume. I did lower the music volume a bit and I play with subtitles. There are just so many names that get dropped that I wouldn't be able to follow everything that is said.
It's primarily Geralt's voice that I can't hear during scenes with background noise/music. I've set the music lower - but it's still very hard to hear, and background sounds also get in the way. It's particularly bad during the battle in the prologue. Maybe it's a soundcard thing, though I've tried adjusting volume in Windows every which way. Nothing has helped. But it's not THAT bad, and I can live with it.

I just hit the inventory limit last night in Flotsam. Very annoying, yes. I hate it when a game slows you down when encumbered—it breaks the flow of the game and you have to drop your shit right then and there (or slow walk to the nearest merchant).
Yup. Quick travel would probably ruin the flow of the game - and I don't mind having to travel for roleplaying purposes. But in terms of inventory juggling, it's a travesty that they didn't implement easy ways to either sell or store loot.

I'm considering using that mod myself or try to manage my inventory more intelligently.
I highly recommend it.

That's okay, I consider you insane. I tried keyboard/mouse this week and the only thing that felt much better was looking around with the mouse (naturally). But it's not worth the repetitive strain injury and inconvenience of having a keyboard on my lap. I play games for relaxation, not to tease myself.
I don't have my keyboard on my lap

That said, I've had my PC hooked up to my projector on occasion - and I can recommend a light wooden board for KB/Mouse - as it works very well. A light board on your lap isn't an inconvenience. Well, it hasn't been for me.

I relax when I play as well, but I prefer sitting at my desk in front of a large screen and full controls. Some games are enjoyable with a gamepad - but not a complex game like The Witcher 2. I find myself much more immersed when I'm focused and I find it counterproductive to play such a game on the couch with a console controller. I tend to relax TOO much in that position, and then I lose focus and have a hard time investing myself. I'm conditioned against the "couch experience" when I'm playing a game that really enthralls me.

I love games that reward investment like this, and I love that I have to pay close attention during combat and conversations. I guess that's my way of "relaxing"

Overall, I don't play game to relax - but to entertain myself. I got rid of my TV many years ago - because I didn't like what it did to my brain, and I didn't enjoy the shit on it

My brain likes to be engaged, I guess.




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