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May 27th, 2011, 15:37
Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
We'll see once sales figures are released a month down the line… my money's on TW2 beating DA2, even with little DRM.
Originally Posted by Fantasm View Post
I don't think anybody expects the lack of DRM to increase sales. But what we're looking for here is little to no negative impact in sales numbers when DRM is removed. If a game without DRM sells as well as another game in its genre with DRM, then the argument can be made: Why have DRM at all? Why punish paying customers if the end result is the same?

I know there are two sides to this argument, and many folks think that no DRM will reduce sales dramatically (this is certainly the stance of every other publisher on the planet). But what's really admirable about what CDPR is doing is that they are willing to take a chance on the other side of the argument and provide a tangible data point that will go a long ways in either confirming or refuting the notion that the presence of DRM has anything at all to do with the sales numbers of a AAA PC game.

I applaud them for taking on this grand experiment…
I think it clear that piracy does reduces sales (At least to me) after reading tweakguides.com article about it(its 10+ pages of example after example). Check it out it very enlightening, it change my views on DRM and piracy.
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