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May 27th, 2011, 16:38
Originally Posted by Ovenall View Post
This game sounds like a mess. Glad I'm waiting it out. Hopefully the "enhanced" version (the playable one) comes out before I get my new system next year.

You should never base your opinion on internet forums. The people who are always the first to post something are normaly to complain.

People who are playing the game with major enthusiasm and nothing is wrong normaly dont feel much urge to post on forums.

I'm playing the game now, on my 2nd playthrough and have zero problems with it.

Only mild complains are the very basic inventory UI and realy weird mini-map orientation (i tend to get lost a lot).

I disable AA, uberspampling and motion blur (by personal taste only) on my gamming rig and game has no problem. On my laptop (normaly very complicated setups to run games), i lower everything and still plays quite decently.

The problem with PC gamming is not DRM, nor piracy. Its that every PC owner thinks because they spent $500-$2500 on a PC they are all special snowflakes and every developer has to make a game that is 100% compatible with every millionth special hardware/software configuration out there, wich is basicaly impossible.
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