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May 27th, 2011, 16:48
how many points is the alchemy tree globally worth?
All trees contain 15 skills (except Training).
-how many points have to be invested in the alchemy tree to unlock the full potency of bombs and traps?
Just 2. How much inventiveness and combining situational, or rather interactive elements does it take? Not the tree, the playstyle which I describe (reliant first and foremost on at least modest investment into Alchemy tree) — IMO, quite a lot. You use snares to root, or red mist to deaggro, you have various possibilities of self-triggering the traps from afar, thus producing desirable effects at a distance (e.g. rage triggered by red mist -> hilarious). It's not so much about trees (check what I wrote above), it's about using the tools you have either way.
how can this amount of points depicts alchemy other than a support field? How can this amount of points justify specialization in alchemy?
If you think of Witcher 2 as RPG, yeah, skill tree defines your character. But if you think of the Witcher 2 as a special kind of game that rather bends the boundaries of the genre (and never touches on other elements associated traditionally with RPGs), it's all about the way you want to play it. Justification lies within the ease with which you can use something to your advantage. And some traps and some bombs are very easy to make, while granting superb AOE coverage + nuke/DPS, even if you don't aspire to be an alchemist by tree.

Oh and let's not forget. Alchemist tree has the most mutagen slots. So you work not only on potency of bombs, then oils, then potions, you work on indirect stat boosting as well. Toxicity is essential if you want your alchemist to be there in the fray, I prefer to stand on the outskirts and watch them kill one another, wander aimlessly, or doze off while being consumed by flames. To each their own
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