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May 27th, 2011, 18:18
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
Well, yeah. That's also part of it. Running around town, exploring and talking to everybody is the same thing. It's still taking in the environments and listening to dialogue and it's better when I am in a relaxed position. I do have to admit that I often get frustrated by combat in a game, just because it's in the way of story progression and laid back exploration. That's the difference between how we play our games.

Not that I find combat unimportantů I'm just not much of a math/min-max/strategy guy. I die three times, I get annoyed and hop on the internet to find the best way to kill the motherfucker. However, in this game, it hasn't happened yet.
Yup, we're definitely different in that way

I'm done with TV that's not on-demand, anyway. Nowadays it feels like I'm forcefed what the stations want me to see. Or I've got to get real "lucky" and find a good program by accident. But Animal Planet can be fun on a Sunday with a hangover.
I've felt like that for 15 years or so. To me, it's like mass hypnosis or something




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