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May 27th, 2011, 18:20
Originally Posted by Ovenall View Post
Not sure what you're talking about. I never claimed to love DA2. I thought it was pretty good though. Overall I'd give it a 7 or 8/10, which is a high score in my opinion.

What was my "pre-release disposition towards Dragon Age 2"? As I remember it, I was optimistic and wasn't full of gloom and doom before ever actually playing the damn thing. Bioware makes solid games that I almost always enjoy, so why shouldn't I have looked forward to it? Fretting and complaining based on press releases and "news" stories from video game blogs before the game is even available is remarkably stupid.

I haven't "downplayed" anything. DA2 has weaknesses, but it was solid, enjoyable and almost entirely bug-free. To me, for a game to be even somewhat good, I need to be able to play it without crashes or major bugs, long loading screens or slow, annoying gameplay. Once it achieves that minimum, I can judge whether it is "good" or not. Isn't my favorite game ever, but it's near the top in my opinion. I enjoyed it as much as DA1, which I found extremely slow and boring in some parts. Games have flaws. Acknowledging flaws is OK.

But the hell of it is: I really like DA2. I can't wait for more DLC. So my optimism before it came out wasn't naive. It turned out to be well founded.
I think the point is that I perceived you just like you seem to be perceiving fans of The Witcher 2.

If you can't see that, it's no problem.

I was just amused by it.




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