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May 27th, 2011, 19:01
Originally Posted by Ovenall View Post
I was comenting on the fact that people here are upset that someone on the internet gave the Witcher 2 a score of 6/10 and see this as "trolling".

I certainly didn't get upset by middling scores or sensible criticisms of DA2. What got me was people excoriating the game before release, then drama-queening about how Bioware has betrayed them, spit in their faces, killed the RPG, never again, etc.

But whatever.
As JDR points out what I meant was his past reviews. His history in internet. I dont think they call him the "Biggest troll in the internet" for no reason?

As for witcher review perhaps he has just became better in his hobby. Best trolls are those you dont notice. Score of 6/10 is perfect for gathering attention while 2/10 would be too much of obvious troll.

Does the review point out why he gives 6/10? What kind of review scale does he use? Is it a waste of time trying to figure it out?
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