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May 28th, 2011, 09:39
Another review that reveals the consequences of games bulimia: players want to get fast through their games to be able to play another one just afterwards and any gameplay feature that resist is bashed.

I am still surprised by the number of people who tell they need to be indicated that a guy wearing a light armour is not a tank and has to avoid being striken.

Effective fighting involves creative use of the Control menu, which slows time and allows you to switch signs and secondary weapons like bombs and throwing daggers.
The game might be indeed broken if after playing the game, a player does not list that dodging, an efficient management of space is the core of effective fighting.

Somehow, very interesting. Some players (including me) starts from the character, tries to figure out his potential abilities and build around them. The Witcher is fast; lightly armoured and strike hard. Hit hard and dont let him being hit. This by basic analysis of the character.

Afterwards, I checked if the developpers managed to deliver on the presuppositions. They did as opponents respond to that pattern. And this side of the game grows good if they deliver on it. No matter if I like it.

Other players want to get the character play their way. Very likely, this reviewer wanted a Witcher able to stand on foot in the middle of the fray. And the game only grows good when they manage to get a character that plays their way.
No assessment of what the developpers deliver, only like it or dont like it.

Another sign that the RPG genre is dying when players complain about having to get the best out of a character. As it is not even RPG but was the common of a BTE.

Same remark as for the other: the flaws pointed in this review does not exist for some.

The game is too difficult on normal? Why not try the easy setting? The games allows to downscale the difficulty ingame if a player can not manage. Now, the revelation that the game was too hard on easy could have been a piece of information, valuable for the reader and that should be included in a review.
I have not tried yet easy so far so maybe it is the case. Maybe on easy, players can keep being trashed.

I thought that once I bought enough recipes, I'd be able to dovetail the effects of the three potions you can drink at a time for a net gain, but those recipes never materialized. I defaulted to only using the few potions that I couldn't do without, namely Cat, Swallow and Tawny Owl which let me see in the dark and regenerate health and vigor, respectively. Another opportunity missed.
What recipes? The ingame text depiction of potions gives some of the potential combos to use. There is very little trial and error. Now, maybe if alchemy was tried as a specialization, it could have given a better view on this point. Meaning playing the game more than once or trying to get a fuller view on it before reviewing.

This would have led to postpone the review though and lose a bit of traffic as the review would have come after the war.
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