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May 29th, 2011, 05:44
After beating Dragon Age: Origins and all its DLC and Awakening, then Dragon Age II I tried my hand at Mass Effect again. I tried before but never got past the Citadel. This time, I got past the Citadel. Just barely, I'm on my first planetary mission and I can't stand the gameplay. I'm incredibly bad at the game, which may be part of it…

After that, I put it aside and tried The Witcher (the first one), since 2 is a direct sequel and I figured I should play the first through… first. Bought it from GoG for 5 bux, kinda liked it at the very start but the chapter 1 slog wore me down until I quit. Many animals die from plague. Many players die from boredom.

Now I'm playing Baldur's Gate I (I installed BGT) and am enjoying it (a tiny bit) more than I did in the 90's. I was that guy back then who bought it and never got into it. It took me until PS:T to get into the infinity engine. Anyhow. I'm still not liking it all that much, though. Apparently I prefer dumbed down modern RPGs where people stand up at the end of combat after they get knocked down. When my main guy got killed in an encounter and the game gave me a "game over" screen, I was seriously unimpressed. I totally forgot this game did that. I mean, if Jaheira or Khalid got killed in combat, I'd drag 'em back to town and raise their asses. It's not like it's expensive. But if I get killed, they won't? Gosh, some family friends!

I played about 10 hours of Terraria in the past week too. It needs more content, desperately. But it's kinda fun.
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