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May 31st, 2011, 11:06
Started Deus Ex with a bunch of mods. I've been wanting to replay it forever - and since DE:HR is coming up in a few months, it seemed a good time.

Damn, it still holds up. Sure, the levels look incredibly bland by todays standards - but the gameplay is intact. I've found that there are only a few "gameplay paradigms" that really "do it" for me, and the stuff pioneered with games like DE is definitely one of them.

The freedom to approach levels and challenges as you see fit, with a decent variety of tools - is just the kind of thing for me.

After The Witcher 2, a fantastic game in its own right, I was really ready for a more free experience with a less linear structure. Great stuff

I considered playing Alpha Protocol as well, as all the good stuff in that game was taken directly from Deus Ex - but the thought of horrid boss fights and needlessly cryptic/awkward dialogue dissuaded me.




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