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May 31st, 2011, 11:26
Not really what I did. From his reviews of DA2 and TW2, the deduction comes that he prefers easy, fast-flowing games.

Geralt, the famous Witcher, died so easily and so many times in the first seconds of the game that I began to wonder if I was just an idiot. I was so frustrated and pissed that any fondness for the characters I'd met so far was completely erased.
What kind of RPGer must be explained that a light armour suggests predominance of dodging? Does this require a tutorial?

Strange design decisions:
Why on Earth would CD Projekt allow me to play the prologue out of order? Such areas are not the time to allow player agency because the choices are meaningless and playing them out of sequence seriously impacts the player's enjoyment.
My favourite. Next step, why should a book allow to read chapters in the wrong order?

And more.

The guy's tastes go toward games that are easy flowing games with not the smallest stone on the road.
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