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May 31st, 2011, 18:13
Originally Posted by lostforever View Post
I wish it was something more as well. I am sort of getting tired of time travel and alternate universes as plot devices!
But I wouldn´t say the series go exactly overboard with these devices and, well, it´s not something CDProjekt came up on their own - afaik time travel, alternate worlds/"spheres" and Wild Hunt explanation are featured in the books as well.
Can´t say how well it works in the books it´s featured though.

Personally I find the notion of Wild Hunt being elves invading from the world where they were never oppressed by humans rather intriguing explanation with further potential for interesting development (or something dull/clichéd, depends on execution obvs). Basically, I think it might end up being "something more", just depends on what CDProjekt will do with it.

Originally Posted by lostforever View Post
Geralt somehow escaped from the Hunt (may be let go). This is the starting point of the first game (?). Do we know how/why? I don't think its explained in W2.
Originally Posted by lostforever View Post
They help him and they eventually find the Wild Hunt (how do they find the hunt?).
I don´t think we´re supposed to really know any of these, but:
a) iirc, at the end of The Witcher 1, The King of Wild Hunt claims Geralt is their tool to spread chaos, or something similarly vague, and it´s something Geralt agreed to
b) in the epilogue, Letho implies the School of the Viper might´ve been founded for the sole purpose of tracking the Wild Hunt, my theory is they´re all epic level astronomers.

I think that having an ongoing mystery which gets progressively unveiled along each game´s self contained main stories is pretty cool.
I just wish that revealing the memory bits in The Witcher 2 would be something player has to actively engage in, instead of these being tackled on main story parts.

Btw, what about the assassin who tried to kill Foltest in the first game?
That´s something which is not part of the "ongoing mystery" and it wasn´t sufficiently addressed I think (I assumed the guy was from the same school as Letho, but his relation to Letho or the party which tracked the Wild Hunt with Geralt was never explained).
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