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June 1st, 2011, 10:05
Hi friends,

smuttlewerk interactive talking! have a look at our game Companions. We are a two man indie-studio from germany and just released Companions, our first game. We're pretty proud of it. If you like dungeons and old-school RPG games where you actually have to play rather than pressing only on one button, this might be something for you.

The party consists of a minotaur, a dwarf, an elf lady and a human mage. Every character has different skills and abilities. The dwarf for example, can build structures, such as scythe towers or spike pits while the minotaur is strong in hand to hand combat. The game is presented in top-down 2D view and real time. Through storytelling, consistent artwork and a fun gameplay system, the players are sucked into the world of “Altland”.

“Altland” is a fantasy world were the old races of dwarves and elves live together with the younger races of humans and minotaurs. Companions takes place after a 300 years period of peace. The dark god Detexx and his minions try everything in their power to engulf “Altland” in a big war.

Feature Highlights:
* Campaign with 10 hours of playing time (with one party combination)
* Story line
* 4 races
* 3 different classes for each race
* 40+ skills
* 100+ Items
* 30+ Unique Items
* Boss mobs
* Tactical pause (20 or 60 seconds)
* Philosophical pest zombies
* A really big dragon
* Great artwork
* 3 difficulty settings
* GameCenter and OpenFeint integration
* 41 achievements
* 3 single maps with leaderboards (more coming with the first update)
* Endless replay value (random drops, random enemies) for both the campaign and the single maps
* Available in english and german (other translations will follow)

iTunes LINK
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